Day 1


Ok this could turn out to be the most boring blog of all time, but at the moment I’m the only one reading it, so time to entertain myself:
I really have no idea how to blog. I’m assuming it’s like a diary only not as private. I have NEVER been able to be private, I have learned (somewhat) to filter information, but I seem to have a very transparent persona.
Today my mission is the same as it was yesterday: to organize my life. It is a never ending task. So why the blog thing? You know what makes me most crazy about being a wife/mom? Cleaning a mess only to find it messy by the time I put away the mop. If I document the mess/cleaning cycle I could see progress and maybe learn something in the process. (note to self: put the twins down for nap before I begin the blog to avoid spilled milk and toddler escapes)
Progress 4/20/12: 2 loads of laundry, changed diapers,fed children, took Ava to pre-k, mopped kitchen floor, played on Pintrest, fed boys snack, created cleaning schedule, ignored cleaning schedule and did what needed to be cleaned, checked email, sent text messages, checked Facebook, fed boys AGAIN, created WP account started blogging, changed diapers, put boys down for nap, cleaning kitchen….need to shower….so this is a blog… Cool.